Our precious "buds"

Our precious "buds"
We love our boys! And our little Princess!!!

Beautiful Fall! Cooler weather, bright colors! Pumpkins and Spices!

"All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trip to Orlando

I had not been to the Temple this month, so we decided to go yesterday. Reggie stayed awake all the way up, except for the last ten minutes....as soon as Titi and I got out of the car, he woke up and started to cry, but we wanted to get into a session that was about to start, so we left Reggie and Oscar in the car and we got into the Temple quickly. I was a little worried because Reggie LOVES to play with Oscar, and Oscar doesn't seem to notice when Reggie needs to quiet down and take a little break (aka nap!). Titi and I had a great session. I love being there with my dear ones! We called Oscar as soon as we came out of the Temple. He said: "We had a blast!" He took Reggie to Downtown Disney and they walked the stores and had ice cream and a great time! We then went to have some lunch and were going to go back to Disney, but Reggie went to sleep as soon as he was secured in his car seat. He was so exhausted, he did not wake up until we got home! Reggie adores his grandpa!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Dear Abuelita Juanita

Today I took my abuelita Juanita to the Airport for her trip back to Guatemala. She was so sad to leave and I was so sad she was leaving. We both cried! She is such a good example to me. There is peace around her. She surely knows how to control her tongue at the right time! I want to be more like her! She is a hard, hard, hard worker, I also want to be more like that! Even when she has so much pain on her knees, she finds work and does it. She hates to sit down! She always tells me that the day she doesn't get out of bed will be the day she dies. I always think of a song that tells that to make some people kneel down you have to cut their legs, but she doesn't have problems kneeling down-figuratively speaking, she is very humble already- but I have a hard time trying to get her to sit down and rest, that is almost impossible. I hope to see her soon again! She will be 88 years old this coming October, no grey hairs yet! (No, she doesn't color her hair!) Here she is with me (her grand daughter), Titi (her great grand daughter) and Reggie (her great great grandson) Too bad my mom (her daughter) was not here when we took this picture, we would have had the five living generations in this picture. I'm "working hard" to be more like her!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Titi and Reggie are home!

Ever since Raqui and Gabe left, Oscar and I have been waiting for the next visitors. Well, Titi and Reggie came yesterday morning. It was so much fun to go to the airport and see Titi with this little "thing" walking by her side! Yes, Reggie is walking and he was just walking and "talking" to Titi when I found them. He came home and started walking all around and just admiring the ceiling fans and looking out the windows to see the trees. When I took him out to the backyard he wanted to walk right into the pool. Of course Oscar could not disappoint him, so he got in the pool with Reggie right away! How fun!

Mother's Day

I have a love/hate relationship with Mother's day! Love it because I get to think and thank my mom and my grandma, and many other women I love and admire. They are such great examples to me. My mom is a very strong woman. She is very talented, she sees a dress and she can make it! She also crochets and makes quilts. Those are talents that I would love to develop! She also loves to read and learn. Her days raising us, her children, were very hard. We had very limited resources, but somehow she made do with what she had and we survived! She did the best she could and is still a good example to me. I spent a lot of time with my grandma. I honestly can't remember my grandma ever being mad or impatient with me. I want to be that kind of grandma. This year I also loved mother's day because I was able to talk to all my children on the phone. Manny and Danny from the mission field! I enjoyed hearing them talk to each other. It was so good to hear from the new moms in the family: Titi, Karsen and Raquel! I just love my girls, their boys and their babies! They made me a grandma last year and that is one of the best things that ever happened to me. And you girls - Titi, Karsen and Raquel - are such good mothers! I look at you all in amazement and with a great deal of admiration.

On Mother's day I also remember many great women who have influenced me. I have been inspired, loved, cared and taught by many women! They have blessed my life and my children's lives. We women have that ability/gift: We can bless those around us, even if they are not our own children!

On the other hand, mother's day is for some reason the time I always take inventory of what I have done as a mother, and oh! so much to improve, so many things I wish I had done better or differently! We are always hardest with ourselves than with others! I'm sure this is the case with most mothers. It is good to see where we can improve, but I think I need to learn to do it some other time of the year! That will give me licence to enjoy more fully the love my family showers on me on Mother's day! Good goal for next year!