Our precious "buds"

Our precious "buds"
We love our boys! And our little Princess!!!

Beautiful Fall! Cooler weather, bright colors! Pumpkins and Spices!

"All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trip to the South - Next Stop: Chile

Oscar called a doctor and I was given some medicine to help make me feel better. I did feel better enough to take the trip to Chile. We arrive in Chile and I went right back to bed, feeling very sick. I almost called a friend of mine who is a general authority serving in Chile, since he and his wife were the only people I knew in that country. But I felt I shouldn't bother them and I decided that maybe a little walk in the sun would help me feel better. We walk to a shopping center located next to the hotel and I saw what I thought it was frozen lemonade in a small coffee shop, so I asked the lady and she explained that it wasn't lemonade, but she asked if I was sick. When we answered that yes, I was sick, she invited me to sit at one of her tables, made me a cinnamon tea and sent Oscar to a drugstore with instructions to buy something and bring it back to her. Oscar did so and when he came back the lady prepared it. It was some kind of drinking "IV" that tasted not so good but made me feel so much better right away. What an angel the lady was!! Next day feeling a lot better I went back looking for her to thank her, but sadly, she wasn't working.

We then were able to take a taxi and we visited many interesting places. I was so sad I lost so much time being sick in bed! I hope I get to go again to South America!