Our precious "buds"

Our precious "buds"
We love our boys! And our little Princess!!!

Beautiful Fall! Cooler weather, bright colors! Pumpkins and Spices!

"All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Next Stop: Argentina

We flew to Argentina and arrived early Saturday morning. We were so happy to meet with the Flinders - the parents of Karsen, our beloved daughter in law . They are serving a mission in a city a few hours from Buenos Aires. We had lunch (bife the chorizo)

After lunch, we walked the "Florida" - a nice shopping street. Oscar and Ann had fun sitting with the pirates!

We then went to our respective hotels to rest for a little while so we could be ready for our "triple date" night. Another couple - The Calevosos - joined us and we went to watch a Tango Show. They had the history of tango interpreted by a live band and a group of dancer. It was very interesting. We enjoyed the show, but we the company of our friends was even more enjoyable!

Sunday morning we found a church building close to the hotel and attended all meetings. It was wonderful to hear the familiar message of the gospel. All the teachers were well prepared. We heard beautiful talks by missionaries. Everybody welcomed us and made us feel at home with them. I am always so grateful and amazed to realized that no matter what part of the world we are, the message of the restored gospel is the same.

We were trying not to buy anything to keep the Sabbath, so we just enjoyed a few 'Ƨomplimentary' bites from the lobby. Sadly, I ended up with food poisoning, and my next two days in Argentina were spent in a hotel room, so sick that I thought I wasn't going to leave the country alive! But I survived! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trip to the South - Next Stop: Sao Paolo, Brazil

We arrived in Sao Paolo at noon. We of course didn't realize it was that late in the day, because we were sleeping! Sao Paolo is three hours ahead of Lima. We stayed in a hotel with an European "feeling". I went out to the "United Nations" plaza right accross from the Hotel. There were small stores and lots of people there. After Oscar had his meetings, his business partner took us to the "tallest building in Latin America" it is called "Plaza Italia". We went to the very top of the building. The view was breathtaking! I had not imagined how big the city really is. Fourteen million people live there! Once again I realized: the higher you go, the better you see! This is only one side of the view, but as I turned around, I had the same view all around me!

After business meetings, etc. Oscar was able to go to the Sao Paolo Temple with me. We called the temple and we were told the Temple was about ten minutes from our Hotel. We left the Hotel over an hour before the session just to have enough time, but it took us one hour and fifteen minutes to get there! Traffic was bad, and it didn't help that our taxi driver took the busiest route. We were dissapointed that we could not do anything at the temple, because they were having a meeting with all the workers that were not at the 6:00 oƧlock session that we missed!

There was a stake center next to the Temple, and they were getting ready for a youth dance. We went and talk to the leaders, and they invited us to stay, but we politely declined! But it was so fun to see their decoration, announcements, etc. They were all very familiar to us! I am always amazed of how the church, church programs, etc. are the same anywhere we go! We left the building and started walking and what did we see? A Walmart! Can you believe it? Only I can find Walmarts wherever we go! Haha!

Our flight next morning was early, so we left with extra time. But this time we were able to actually take an earlier flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina!